Auditing Schemes

Types of Auditing Schemes

IRM provides the following audits.

Ministry of Manpower Audit of Safety and Health Management System (see Third Schedule)

Endorsement of Risk Register for Overtime Exemption

National Environment Agency Safety Audit
WSH Council WSH Performance Award Audit

BizSAFE Award

BizSAFE Risk Management Audit

CultureSAFE Evidence Based Assessment

IRM has been approved by MOM to carry out Workplace Safety and Health Audits required under the WSH (Safety and Health Management System and Auditing) Regulations 2009 since 2000.

IRM has also been approved by NEA to carry out Safety Audits under NEA’s “Safety Audit Scheme.”

It is the duty of the occupier of any workplace specified in the Third Schedule to appoint a workplace safety and health auditor to audit the safety and health management system of the workplace at a frequency as specified in that Schedule.

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