Independence and Impartiality Policy

Independence and Impartiality Policy

IRM recognises the utmost importance of impartiality when conducting management system audits.

IRM is fully committed to the principles of impartiality embodied within the ISO/IEC 17021-1 Standard for auditing of management systems.

IRM maintains procedures to ensure its independence and impartiality in the delivery of auditing services and that all audits are conducted in an open, independent and impartial manner.

IRM retains authority and responsibility for decisions and findings made in regard to its auditing activities.

IRM does not provide any consultancy or advisory services that may result in any potential conflicts of interest. IRM ensure that nothing is said or implied that would suggest that the audit would be simpler, easier, faster or less expensive if any specified personnel or organization providing consultancy were used.

To achieve this impartiality, IRM conducts risk assessment to ensure that auditing services are delivered independently and impartially.

Risk assessments and management reviews are conducted regularly to ensure the continuing effectiveness of IRM’s processes.

All IRM Auditors are required to declare any potential conflicts of interests or any situation that may affect their impartiality. Personnel who have provided services within two years to a client will not be allowed to audit this client.

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