Information and Complaints

Processes for Handling Requests for Information and Complaints

Contacting IRM

Clients may make a compliant via:

When IRM receives a complaint related to one of our clients, this will be investigated by IRM at the next visit to the client.

However, as we have a confidentiality agreement with our clients, we will not be able to provide any details of the investigation without the full written consent of our clients.


During audits, disputes over audit findings may occasionally arise. The auditor is required to clearly provide the documentary evidence for the audit findings during the closing meeting if there is any dispute. Disputes should be resolved at the closing meeting.

Clients may also communicate any complaints, disputes or dissatisfaction to email IRM will provide a formal reply to all such feedback and communication.

In the unlikely event that the complaint or dispute cannot be satisfactorily resolved, IRM will escalate the matter to the Management Representative. The Management Representative will conduct an investigation into the matter and a report will be submitted to the involved parties.

Requests for Information

Please contact (

All releases of confidential information will require the full written consent of our clients.

Accreditation Bodies

Complaints against IRM may be communicated to the Singapore Accreditation Council. IRM will co-operate fully with SAC with regards to the investigation of the complaint(s) and/or feedback.

Use of IRM's Name and Logo

Use of IRM’s name and logo are strictly for IRM’s use in our communications or generation of reports.

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